Meánscoil na Toirbhirte
Presentation Secondary School, Loughboy, Kilkenny



Junior Cert

All together Junior Cert students do 9 or 10 subjects for their exams they can pick between Higher level, Ordinary Level, Foundation Level.

The following six must be taken by all students:

1. Irish
3. Maths
4. History
5. Geogrphy
6. C.S.P.E. (Civic,Social and Political Education) 7.Business Studies

All students are asked to take a continental language: French or Spanish.

A student may then take TWO of the following subjects:

1. Art: The course includes painting,sculpture,printing and drawing.It also includes crafts such as weaving,pottery,batik work and photography.The junior cert exam in art is practical not writen.

2. Home Economics: The junior cert H.E course involves alot of practical work and a practical exam at the end.It also involves food studies, comsumer education,home management skills and textile skills.

3. Science: There are three main sections in the junior cert science course:PHYSICS:the study of heat, light,electricity,sound etc. CHEMISTRY:the study of atoms, acids, the chemicle make up of water,salt etc.BIOLOGY:the study of plant and animal structures all body systems e.g. blood.

4. Music:The study of music at junior level involves learning to play a musical instrument, class singing, sight reading and taking part in a school choir.It aalso involes the study of the great classical composers.The music exam is written and aural.

5. Typing: The junior cert exam demands the following: to type accuratly for ten minutes, type letters and type addresses on envelopes, type display notices, advertisements, menus etc.,type information in table form, type in pre-set application forms etc.

All students must also take the following:Religious Education and S.P.H.E. (social,political and health education)

The following courses are catered for in the school

Junior Certificate

Leaving Certificate

Leaving Cert Vocational Programme

Leaving Cert Applied

Transition Year