In September 2011 the Presentation Secondary school were delighted to hold the official opening of their state of the art canteen. The canteen provides a safe and healthy environment for students to go to during their lunchbreak and socialise with their fellow classmates. There is a wide variety of food for sale at both lunch time and also after school, ie before study and before class starts in the morning. Some examples of food include: minerals, tea/coffee and hot chocolate. Savoury foods such as: hot deli counter, full dinners, wraps, sandwiches, rolls and soup are available for purchase. There are also confectionary goods available at a great price. The staff in the canteen are very pleasant, understanding and helpful.

The canteen has become really important to the students because of our green schools committee, who made the decision in 2012, to ban eating in the main school building. The reason for this decision was to make the school a cleaner place for the students. This recycling takes place throughout the school including in the canteen.

The canteen can accomodate up to three hundred students and it is used for a variety of different purposes as well as a place for student to go at lunchtimes. Examples of activities in the canteen include: Table quizzes, classes, charity events, assemblies, leaving cert oral exams, interviews, the school bank, which is held every Thursday afternoon, and also after school study.

Study takes place every evening from 4:15 to 6:15 in the school canteen. This provides a great opportunity for students to do their homework and study whilst being supervised by teachers. The canteen is a great place for this as it has a lot of space and it is a very quiet and comfortable environment.