Our School Extension

Funding has been approved for an extension to our school,  which will cost approximately €7 million. We have recently received an official letter from the Department of Education confirming that the capital funding for the project has been approved. 
The current school measures 2,500 square metres but once the extension is completed this will double in size to 5,240 square metres.
The extension will involve the construction of a new classroom, science laboratories and a preparation area, an arts and craft room and a home economics room.A construction studies/engineering and technology room and a technology preparation area are a also included in the plans along with an office, pastoral office, special tuition room, pupil social areas, a locker area. Blocks of students and staff toilets will also be constructed.

Funding has also been approved for a state-of-the-art Physical Education Hall facility which includes a PE hall, equipment suites, changing suites and a fitness suite and a hard play courts area. The funding will include a state-of-the-art gym and a full playing pitch.
A Special Educational Needs Suite will also be built and will include a central activities space, two class bases and associated withdrawal rooms, a multi-sensory room, a para-educational room, a practical activity room and storage and office space. 
Sixty additional car parking spaces will be provided along with a covered area for construction studies.
The plans are curently at design stage and it is hoped that a planning application will be made this year and that building will commence within the next two years. 
The school will continue as normal and the present classrooms will not be touched. The construction work will not disrupt school activity. We are delighted with this positive development.