Hill Walking

Every year Mr.Barragry takes the first and second year students hillwalking.

1st years
About half way through the year Mr.Barragry takes the 1st years on a day trip to Slievenamon. They set out at about nine in the morning and are driven by bus to the foot of Slievenamon. They walk up the mountain with the teachers and they return back to school for about four o'clock. The students really enjoy this experience as they get to mix with their new classmates. Photos

2nd years
In 2nd year Mr Barragry takes the students on their final hillwalking experience. This trip is an overnight stay in a hostel which is located at the foot of the Galtee's.The students walk up the mountain accompanied by Mr Barragry and another selected teacher. The walk is a great experience and even better fun, as there are streams to cross and lots of climbing.
After the walk they return back to the hostel where the students cook the dinner. They then retire to the sitting room and enjoy the night with lots of surprises. It is a brilliant experience and enjoyed by all.