Energise Week

Energise week takes place in Presentation Secondary School, Kilkenny for one week each year. It is a week designated to help promote healthy living and a healthy lifestyle among our students.

Sport is an integral part of school life for the majority of students. The original focus of energise week was to cater for those students who did not participate in sport and to help them recognise other ways to be physically active. This year the 3rd year students will go "into the wild" on a camping trip, an interesting way to round off an eventful week.


To encourage and promote healthy eating practices.To encourage and promote a diversity of physical activities.To have fun.To encourage and promote a cross curricular programme during the week.To establish and fortify links between our school and local sporting organisations.To further develop and strengthen a sense of our school community.To develop and promote our school as a centre of excellence with regard to healthy eating practices and active physical involvement by all.To foster and stimulate in the school community an awareness of the work of charitable organisations and to further make people realise that everybody can 'make a difference'.
During energy week each year group is assigned a specific day where they participate in a variety of activities - these include healthy food workshops, martial arts, yoga, pilates, dance, tag rugby and many more.

Energise week also involves the local community. Students take part in sponsored activities and the money raised is donated to local organisations. This year the 1st years have a sponsored hill walk and the money collected will be presented to the South East Mountain Rescue Association (SEMRA) at the launch on Monday night.

Irish culture also plays an important role in Energise Week as the younger classes enjoy Irish music and dance.

Each year Energy Week is launched on the Monday night. On that night an energise award is presented to someone whom we feel has "energised" us all. This special guest is commended for the work they have done in their chosen field.

Since Energise Week began in 2009 a new theme has been chosen each year as a focus for the week. In 2009 the theme was "fitness, food and fun" and the energise award was presented to former Olympic medallist John Treacy. In 2010 the theme was "making a difference" and the award was presented to Adi Roche.

The theme chosen for 2011 was "your call". In short we get out of life what we put into it. The recipient of the energise 2011 award was the legendary sports commentator Micheál Ó Muircheartaigh. The "call" that Micheál made in life for years "energised" our lives and we believe that he is a very worthy recipient of this award.

The theme chosen for 2012 is "dare to dream", where the focus is on having a dream, goal or objective and the attainment of that objective. Due to time and other constraints there is no energise award being presented this year.