Extra Curricular

The school offers a wide range of extra curricular and co-curricular activities. Students are given opportunities and encouraged to participate in different aspects of school life.

All class groups are given the opportunity to go on educational trips in Ireland that are associated with different areas of study e.g. Geography field trips, History, Art, English, Irish, Media Studies, Music and Career Guidance. Second year and Transition year students are given the opportunity to go on educational trips abroad.

Young Scientist
School Magazine
Seactain na Gaeilge
Student Council
F1 in schools
Green School
Quizzes / Debates

Speakers are regularly invited to the school to present to students. A wide range of topics and issues are covered including curriculum based, current affairs, pastoral care and personal development. Students are involved in fundraising and charitable events.

"There is excellent provision in the school for co-curricular and extra curricular activities. The school choir have been very successful in recent years and almost three hundred students are involved. It was reported that this has created a great sense of pride among the school community and this was very evident during the evaluation" ( Whole School Evaluation)