Leaving Certificate

All students study Maths, English, Gaeilge and French or Spanish. They then choose 3 of the following options. History, Geography, Accounting, Economics, Business, Art, Music, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Enterprise Education, Home Economics.

Studied at Higher and Lower levelsTopics will be taken from Irish History, European and the Modern WorldCase Studies will be undertaken (20%)

Economic Geography or Social GeographyPhysical GeographyRegional Geography - Ireland, Europe, World.More detailed study of Map Reading.Field study will be undertaken.

The Leaving Certificate music exam consists of three sections:PracticalWrittenAuralThree classical works are studied in detail with harmony and counterpointIf students participate in the school choir, this can be integrated into the practical part of their examThe practical, which amounts to 50% of the exam, allows students to get recognition-vocal or instrumental or a combination.


A more advanced treatment of the Junior Cert. Book-keeping course.

The Leaving Certificate course covers the following sections:Atoms, Periodic Table of elements, chemical bondingAcid/Base reactionsGasesRadioactivityEnvironmental Chemistry-Water/Greenhouse effectStudy of organic chemistry e.g. acohols, production of soap, extraction of clove oil from clovesChemistry requires an average mathematical ability, logical thinking and a general interest in science.

The course covers topics such as: Cell structure and divisionPlant and Animal Kingdoms e.g. amoebaAll human systems e.g digestivePsychological processes in plants e.g. photosynthesisMicrobiology-bacteria, fungi, virusesGenetics-inheritance of characteristics/evolution, genetic engineering, DNA profilingReproduction and development-Plants and AnimalsBioprocessing and waste management

Topics include:LightSoundMechanicsHeatElectricityModern Physics e.g. X-rays, nuclear physics, electronics

Business attempts to explain important aspects of business life and every day livingAreas covered include:FinanceManagementTaxationInsurance, etc.